"Scrub Me" skincare Soaps

"Scrub Me" skincare Soaps


Our toning body bar contains lime essential oil and cucumber peel extract.  Lime essential oil acts as an astringent and also has antibacterial properties, this will help to clear oils and dirt on the skin's surface.  Cucumber peel extract is soothing and refreshing for skin, it helps sooth redness or inflammation and has a firming effect.  This body treatment bar is great for balancing and refreshing any skin type.  



Scrub and suds your way to soft, cleansed, and firm skin with this new seasonal spring soap! Our new fruit boost bar is made with fruit-derived oils, like olive, avocado, and mango seed. These vitamin and omega-rich oils help skin stay soft and healthy. An added blend of lavender, orange, anise, and cinnamon essential oil provides skin-protecting, antiaging, and anti-bacterial benefits as well as a spiced fruit scent! Rassoul clay provides a fine-grained exfoliant that is gentle enough for all skin types but gives a deep, effective exfoliation. Fruit boost is here for a limited time!



This mate tea infused body bar mimics our ever popular 'wellness energy' sea salt body scrub. Antioxidants from the tea infusion protect skin from aging. Spearmint and lime essential oils work together to tone, disinfect, and repair skin. Added broccoli seeds provide an exfoliation that buffs away dead skin cells and stimulates circulation.



Sweet fennel paired with coffee is a dynamic duo.  Both ingredients stimulate your skin and improve circulation.  This helps to reduce puffiness and the appearance of cellulite.  Fennel is a natural astringent that will tone your skin as the soap cleanses.  This is an excellent everyday soap that will perfectly prep your skin for additional moisturizing.  Try our shea butter for extra moisture! 



This soap bar contains colloidal oats and ground loofah that provides a gentle and soothing exfoliation.  Cedarwood essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps regulate oil production, while grapefruit essential oil helps to heal and brighten skin.  This soap bar is perfect for oily or breakout prone skin.

  • Balancing saponified oils of argan, sweet almond, babassu, castor, shea, and sunflower, colloidal oats, kaolin clay, titanium dioxide. 
    Clarifying saponified oils of calendula infused olive, babassu, sustainable palm*, raw shea butter, castor, lemongrass essential oil, calendula extract, calendula flower. *certified organic
    Man Soap saponified oils of olive, coconut, sustainable palm, raw shea butter, castor, cedarwood and eucalyptus essential oils.
    Wellness Energy saponified oils of tea infused olive(infused with wellness energy tea), coconut*, raw shea butter, sustainable palm*, castor, lime and spearmint essential oils, mica, wellness energy tea (Green mate, Lemongrass, Spearmint leaves, Gingko, Ginseng, Nettle pieces, Calendula, Cornflower, Sunflower petals.)
    Ginger Tea saponified oils of olive, coconut*, sustainable palm*, rice bran, chamomile infused pumpkin seed, & argan, ginger essential oil, mica

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