"Scrub me" all purpose balm

"Scrub me" all purpose balm

Comb multipurpose balm into brows & lashes in the AM/PM to nourish the fine hairs and help them grow longer and thicker. (My lashes especially are looking longer & healthier!)

Apply the balm on chapped lips, other chapped skin, or a scab that needs healing. I use it on my lips every night before bed and sometimes throughout the day.

Massage multipurpose balm into your nail beds/cuticles to soften and smooth the cuticle area as well as strengthen nails. This is great to have while we are at home tending to our own manicures & pedicures.




    This oil is one of the ingredients that adds to our balm’s ultra-luxurious texture. Olive oil is low on the comedogenic scale, meaning you won’t have to worry about it clogging pores, apply away! Extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants and omegas that will keep skin and hair strong and resilient.



    Pumpkin seed oil is known to help promote the growth of hair, so you know we wanted to incorporate this into our recipe! This ingredient is in our balm to repair and grow lashes and brows. Combing the balm into lashes & brows daily will give you the best results.


    This plant-based wax gives our balm just the right, firm texture. Adding this wax added to our multipurpose balm is what helps it tame stray brow hairs or lashes and helps the balm apply more smoothly.

    scrub me secret: having candelilla wax in this balm also makes it a great beard balm product. this plant wax can help beard hair lay more uniform and flat while still keeping it soft. beards will also benefit from the nourishing benefits of the oils in this balm.


    Castor oil is another non-pore clogging oil that has a few benefits for skin and hair. Like pumpkin seed oil, castor oil is also known to help with the strengthening and growth of hair. This oil also works to soften and repair skin, making it perfect for treating dry patches.

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