Quarantine Cards

Quarantine Cards

******For Limited Time ONLY 3/20-7/30****We are offering to handwrite messages for our customers for no extra cost and mail the cards on your behalf. Simply fill out the form below, including message, recepeint's name and mailing address and we will take care of the rest!

  • Paper Pony is an eco-friendly stationery and accessories brand featuring whimsical illustrations with a bold sense of humor.


    Ponies by nature are temperamental and feisty. They may be cute, but there’s always an element of surprise. Our own style is inspired by this sense of spirit. Created by multi-tasking cat-lady, Talia Gavish by way of Berkeley, California, our products are locally printed on FSC certified recycled paper. For our non-recycled products, we partner with manufacturers who uphold our standard of quality and ethics. 


    In 2015, I moved across the country from Brooklyn, NY to Oakland, CA. Having lived my whole life in NY - minus a few years of college at RISD - I needed a change. It was an impulsive decision and I didn't think my career as a print and textile designer would come to an end. Want to be a UX designer? Move to the Bay Area. Want a full time job with benefits in the fashion industry? Stay in NYC. To say I panicked is an understatement. I have always turned to art, nature, and horses as forms of therapy and social interaction. Paper Pony is inspired by those outlets and began as a way to reconnect to a creative lifestyle. It has slowly developed into a new career path, one I'm still carving out for myself. My partner Mike, is a huge reason Paper Pony exists. We now live in Berkeley with our two silly cats and creative mewses (hehe), Moses and Meeka, and our adorably moody daughter, Sasha. Get to know us better on Instagram.

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