Night Light, hand-cut fused glass

Night Light, hand-cut fused glass

Fused glass night light. Hand-cut from original sketches, fused and cold worked. Plug rotates to fit any standard U.S. electrical outlet.

Due to the handmade nature of these night lights, each one will have its own distinct personality and will not be exactly as pictured. They are all, however, guaranteed to make you smile!


    I first took a jewelry design course in high school and became infatuated with creating beautiful unique items to wear that i could say i made. sadly, after high school there was not really a place for me to create and real life began – working to pay bills and having little to no time to create.

    fortunately, i have energy unlike most and have always worked more then one job (sometimes as many as 5-6) which unfortunately, left me with very little time to be creative in any way. as far as making jewelry, there was not only the lack of time, but the lack of money and space for the expensive equipment and materials. that is until one day some coworkers came into the office wearing the cutest beaded necklaces proclaiming “i made it” when i took notice. they had taken a stringing class at a local bead store – immediately i was in love and the epiphany that i did not need a ‘studio’ to create was realized. well, a decade later and I have a studio where I lampwork (melt glass in a torch), fuse (warm glass in a kiln) and do silversmithing. i continue to take classes to increase my skills and strive to come up with new exciting designs.

    i am very close with my family and friends and without them would not be where i am today (literally since some of them are my best customers!). additionally, i have the most supportive husband a girl could ask for. he told me my creations were amazing and oogled over my glasswork long before it was anything to be too proud of and he often makes life bearable when i feel like i am coming apart at the seams. we have two cats, two dogs and a lizard – although, sometimes i wonder if they have us. being home is far more like being on the discovery channel some days.

    i left my job of nearly twelve years in may 2012 to do what i love. hopefully you find my creations a necessity affording me the ability to continue doing what i love to make a modest living!

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