Marimo glass jar terrarium, moss ball terrarium

Moss in Cylinder corked glass


Marimo (otherwise known as "Japanese Moss Balls"), are unique and extremely easy to care of. These aquatic plants are actually a form of algae that grow naturally at the bottom of the lakes and rivers in Japan where the gentle sway of the currents help to form their unique round shape. They are highly prized in Japan, where an annual festival is held in their honor! They grow very slowly (less than 1/4 inch per year) and only require low light and occasional water changes to thrive. I use spring water for the once every other week water change because I hated to give my little moss ball chlorine. Marimo need indirect bright light and need rolled around in their aquatic home every few days so that they remain round and get even light. 

  • Cylinder Glass Jar    4.25" H | 1.75" D   3 oz


    marimo moss ball



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