Mala bracelet

Mala bracelet

The lovely Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart. Whether it be self-love, romance, compassion, or peace, this stone brings a wonderful energy with it. Considered a stone of feminine energy, its soft pink hues will grace the darker corners of your life and enrich them with the love you’ve been missing. Paired with a 24K gold plated lava stone, this Mala Bracelet will enhance your spirit and your wardrobe.


A wonderful grounding stone, Picture Jasper will help you connect to your roots, the earth, and bring a feeling of comfort. Complete with a 24K gold plated lava stone, this Mala bracelet is sure to bring you good energy.


This beautiful Blue Gold Quartz Mala Bracelet will help bring the benefits of enhanced communication, balanced energies, and detox from negativity. It features three 24K gold lava stones as a beautiful natural accent.






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