Holiday Gift Boxes

Holiday Gift Boxes

Give the gift of quality, all natural products this holiday season. We put love and care into each batch we create so that you can spread the love to those closest to you. These gifts provide the ultimate skin and self care benefits needed to get through this colder season.


Box 1: Local honey, bitters, 2x dry rubs


Box 2: Soap, lip balm, Skin tea, nourishing face serum


Box 3: Seasonal soap, 9oz candle, bath bomb, 2oz room spray


"Pamper your feet" Box: bath salts, heel balm, pumice stone, salt scrub


"Relaxing Bath - Rose" Box: Bath Milk - Rose, Dead Sea Salt Scrub - Rose, Artisan Bar of Soap


Box #4: 9oz candle (orange ginger), seasonal lip balm, 2oz Kashmir room/linen spray, bar of artisan soap, bath bomb


"Mood Boost Bath" Box: Body Oil, Turmeric/Ginger Sugar Scrub, Artisan Bar of Soap, Grapefruit Bath Bomb


“Ultimate Face Care” Box: Rosehip Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream, Face Serum, Face Wash, Face Toner, Rose Clay Face Mask


"Home Essentials - Fall" Box: Artisan Bar of Soap, Liquid Soap (Clove & Grapefruit), Room Spray (Fall Scent), Hand Balm (Clove & Grapefruit), Orange Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer


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