Glass coaster for Incense Holder

Glass coaster for Incense Holder

Single coaster for incense holder 
Glass coaster 

4"x4" square  1/4" thick clear glass, reverse painted on black and protected with clear resin
Handmade in Chicago by D-Infinite Ink/Art

If needed, clean with microfiber cloth only (to prevent scratches)
No not place anything hot and/or heavy to avoid making marks on the resin coat 

  • Glass, resin

  • Adorn Home Fragrance is a Chicago-based company that carries handmade candles, incense, room sprays, and reed diffusers. They love burning candles, but don’t love what comes with burning mass produced candles: soot, chemicals, additives, and often unnecessary ingredients. The carefully selected formulas allow for a sustainable, clean burn from all of Adorn Home Fragrance's products.