Chicago ornaments

Chicago ornaments

Photos from iconic Chicago locations.

  • Denise Riesen is an award-winning photographer with more then 20 years experience.  Her work is inspired by her travels both physically around the world, and through the stages of her own life.  Denise’s artistic self-expression is reflected in her ability to capture compelling images, and create unique decorative product designs, which showcase her personal style and vision.
    Denise has both studied and photographed extensively throughout the North America and Europe through personal travel and professional involvement. Her work has been shown in a number of galleries within the United States and Mexico. In addition to photographer/artist/product developer, Denise has also worked as a gallery manager, photo editor, and curator for a number of exhibits both in Chicago and New York City.

    Denise is a freelance photographer and artist based in the Chicago area and has developed a line of decorative and gift items.

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