Chicago notecards by artist Kate Wyatt

Chicago notecards by artist Kate Wyatt

Set of (8) Chicago Note Cards and Envelopes
Images from original graphite and scratch-board drawings
Blank Inside
Printed on Recycled Paper
Size: 4.25" x 5.5", A2 Invitation

  • My name is Kate Wyatt, and I'm an artist based in Skokie, Illinois. With a background in architecture and a love of the outdoors, I play a lot with structure in my compositions as well as draw color inspiration from nature.


    The name Kate's White Paper is meant to illustrate the openness of my creativity. I never know what I'll be putting down on that (usually) white paper, as I love to experiment with new ideas and mediums.


    My abstract landscapes started by using palette knives to lay down leftover paint on white scraps of paper as a way to use up any waste. They evolved into more sophisticated combinations of color, emerging as abstract representations of some of my favorite memories up in the mountains. Sometimes these end up on leftover architectural samples from my day-job, making for unique moments that had a great memory behind them.


    The garden that my husband and I started last year also serves up a huge amount of inspiration (and veggies!). We love the full-circle story of starting our seedlings, growing them in the garden, harvesting the produce, and using that produce to inspire my art. The lino-cut prints are all done from carvings of actual tomatoes we harvested last year. We've planted over 200 new seedlings for the upcoming season, so I can't wait to see what inspiration comes from those.


    My botanical watercolors are so meditative for me to create. They are created from compositions of my houseplants, and I try and show the depth of color that makes plants so beautiful.


    Future endeavors? I'd love to scale-up my botanical artwork, in either large canvas format or even a mural in my local community!


    xo, Kate