Ceramic Incense holder

Ceramic Incense holder

Each piece is unique 
Measures approx 4.5” 

Perfect for stick incense, cone incense, Palo Santo and even sage!

About “Pottery by Richard Zeid”
Functional and Decorative hand-thrown ceramics

As a graphic designer, I always strive to create elegant and simple solutions for my clients. I have also always been drawn to circles, and pottery, outside of my professional work, is all about the circle. The continuum, perfection of form, its abstract meanings. I am also drawn to working in a medium that is fluid, and clay is fluid, a thick viscous fluid, but fluid. Easily malleable, changed, worked, until complete.
While exploring pottery, I have made myself my client. My forms are simple, balanced and elegant. They reflect my aesthetic and principles as a designer in a three dimensional medium.
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