Cat Toy

Cat Toy

Body Pillow. Punching Bag. Worthy Opponent.

Cats want to pick on something their own size, then rest on their laurels. Enter MyMouse®.

  • active ingredients: certified organic catnip, recyclable PET*, jingle bells

They kick it, lick it, tease it and squeeze it. They laze upon, prey thereon, chase 'til dawn and paw yearlong. It crackles and it crunches. It rings and it zings. Built tough as any Tom. These playthings are made to go on and on. One size fits all. So come big and come small.


Watch kitties play here:

  • certified organic catnip, recyclable PET*, jingle bells

  • *PET is a safe plastic used for human food and beverage containers. PET is 100% recyclable and up to 100% of PET can be made from recycled PET.

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