Blue lagoon Resin Jewelry, Earrings and necklace set, Wooden Earrings

Blue lagoon Resin Jewelry, Earrings and necklace set, Wooden Earrings

We are pleased to present you with our handcrafted wood and resin earrings & necklace set. 
Our mixed media earrings feature brilliant colors, are lightweight, and are wonderfully comfortable
Our eye catching earrings combine Eco-friendly, up-cycled cuts of wood with bright, warm, resin colors.
We use a natural, durable, environmentally friendly resin to compliment the natural pieces of wood we utilize. Our resin has high clarity, hardness, and an optimal light refraction.
The resin is carefully shaped and polished to give it an exceptional gloss. The colors are vibrant in sunlight, and whisper the true beauty of our earrings.
Our wood and resin earrings sanded smooth, polished, and carefully finished to preserve the beauty of each piece of wood. The wood is then finished with a natural, weatherproof, and Eco-friendly wax/oil to give it beautiful luster.
The Metal components (posts, backs, ear wires, etc) are either made from stainless steel or from a copper alloy.
Our earrings are lead and nickel free.
Approximate weight: 0.4 oz (11 grams).
  • Wooden Element is a small Illinois based artisan company with a passion for fashion, creativity, and preserving nature. 

    We make handcrafted wooden accessories for Ladies and Gentlemen. We use ethically sourced, recycled, or re-purposed wood for all our handcrafted accessories. 

    We started in Wicker Park, Chicago, and are now based in Peoria, IL.

    We aim to reinterpret classical fashion accessories and give them a modern wooden edge. 

    We respect nature, and our philosophy is to craft sustainable fashion accessories in a manner that does not harm our environment. We also promote diversity and celebrate our rich cultural Heritage.  

    Our primary goal at Wooden Element is to engage our loyal clients on social media, and employ a direct to consumer approach to build our brand. 

    In addition to our E-commerce platform, we enjoy directly interacting with our customers at Pop-Up events, Trunk Sales, Fashion Flea Markets, Festivals, Artisan Markets, Maker Markets, Fashion Shows, and other Retail Events. 

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