Baby bib

Baby bib

Super cute bib for your little one or great as a gift for that new mother and baby

Bib has chenille or flannel backing, which is very absorbent

Bib comes in handy with a great vintage style pearl side snap
washes up great , mother tested

fits 0-16m
all fabric is washed in Dreft 

  • It's so hard to find items that are different and eclectic. I was inspired to stray away from the traditional baby colors,by adding beautiful rich colors and patterns to help the baby's brain development.I brought my love of deep rich colors and text

  • My designs honor the modern mother's desire to express her individual style by offering bold, chic, unique pieces that are handmade just for "baby". I pride myself in offering a stylish alternative to the pastel wonderland of children's fashion by providing a line of goods that are full of life and personality.


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