2020 Dumpster Fire Ornament

2020 Dumpster Fire Ornament

What better way to sum up the year? It’s been a rough year all around. Sometimes the only way through a difficult time is to focus on the good and find a way to laugh. That is our hope for this piece! Gift it, keep it, share it!


Material: Handprinted wooden Ornament. Single sided

Size: 4 inch Round


Pre-order only, next batch available for shipping/delivery/pick up week of Dec 7th 

  • My shop is Peppy Posies, based out of Naperville. I started Peppy Posies in 2011 shortly after I left my full time job to stay home with my Son and Niece Grace. The shop was full of handmade tulle dresses and extra fluffy tutus. Grace loved to help "approve" each skirt color combo! Since then the shop evolved and shifted into handcrafted signs. My husband builds all of my signs and pallets for me from scratch and I stain, paint and create. Although the shop has changed directions since 2011, it has always been rooted in handmade items!

    Last year Grace unexpectedly passed away and it was absolutely devastating to our family (She was only 9 years old). After her passing, I dove into Peppy Posies even more and used my art as a form of healing and growth. Grace still inspires many of my pieces in the shop, you will see it in the many florals and pinks in my signs. 


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